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Oaks and Sage covered green winter hills south of San Jose. - gallery-3-12-07-framed - Paul Furman Photography

Oaks and Sage covered green winter hills south of San Jose.
I'm currently looking for a venue to show this matched set of 15 photos consisting of 13x19" prints in 20x26" black wood frames with archival matte board and standard acrylic 'glass', priced at $300 or $200 unframed. I have a couple portfolios of those 13x19 prints to thumb through & it's easy to switch them out. I have done larger lightjet prints but this size I can do in-house with archival paper & more control.

I also have some smaller 8x10" and 8-1/2x11" wood frames, no matting, just glass, priced at $80 unframed, $110 framed and I also have an assortment of simple smaller old wood frames.

Here is a comission I did for a design studio where we worked together to select appropriate photos as a set to match the surroundings with three 32x32" frames holding 24x24" prints.

My hourly rate for location shooting is $48 such as this stone sculptor's portfolio. I don't use flash, I just brought some reflectors & diffusers, he had it mostly set up, I don't do weddings and haven't done formal portraits but architectural or product shots are all good.

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gallery-3-12-07-framed - Paul Furman Photography

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